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As an intermediate, expert party in digital health, we hold events that illustrate the real world of digital health because action based on hype and mis-information ruins careers, damages business and will ultimately damage healthcare. We value content above everything else. We restrict our delegation size to promote discussion and debate. Our business does not reply on selling event tickets, it relies on providing real world insight, promoting trade and interaction.

Join us from across Europe and beyond to talk digital health

Upcoming events

    • 26 Sep 2018
    • 09:15 - 16:45
    • To be confirmed

    Annual Strategic Forum 2018

    What is the role of strategy in healthcare and the life sciences when technology is driving complexity, uncertainty and unpredictability as well as opportunity?

    Join a senior delegation for a day of insight into the critical role of strategy within the technology-rich sectors of healthcare and the life sciences.

    If you have experience and insight that can contribute to our strategic forum, please get in touch via info@dhealth.co.uk

    This executive level forum will provide an opportunity to engage with leading strategists within and outwith healthcare and debate issues driving change.

    2017 Speakers

    Helen Dickinson, Chief Strategy Officer, Simply Health

    Marci Thiel, CEO and Founder, Expert 24

    Robert Stephens, Partner, CMS

    Rory Pope, Consultant, Apposite LLC

    Mike Denis, Director of Data Strategy, Oxford AHSN

    Dominic Pride, Chief Instigator, Upstart

    Craig Dingwall, Data Protection Law (EU GDPR) Advisor and Digital Forensics Expert

    Keith Wilcock, E-Health Strategy and Policy lead, Scottish Government

    Rob Benson, Senior Communications Manager, Highland Marketing

    Greer Deal, Director, Global Regulatory Services

    Barnaby Poulton, Executive Director, Aptus Health

    Dr Ashish Patel, Investment Manager,  Mercia Technologies PLC

    Agathe Acchiardo, Senior Account Director, Foresight Factory

    Gregor Anderson, Senior Device Director / GSK MMIP Lead, GSK

    David Browning, Managing Director, Medicity

    Elizabeth Hampson, Director, Health Strategy Consulting, Deloitte (provisional)



    D Health reserves the right to refund tickets purchased and refuse admission; senior decision makers only.

    Aside from this circumstance D Health operates a no refunds policy

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