In July 2016, D Health released the report “An emerging, alternative healthcare system” which describes how different rates of adoption of digital health solutions by consumers and the healthcare establishment are giving rise to a new, global healthcare system that is digitally-inherent, distinct from our current systems and largely outside of the influence of government. This emerging system is data-centric, clinician agnostic, consumer oriented and privately owned.

In Q4 2017, workshops involving senior executives from across healthcare and the life sciences explored the nature and reality of the emerging system, expressing the overwhelming opinion that this is a real phenomenon. Clearly, organisations that can adapt to such major change in the healthcare ecosystem will prosper; a Darwinian chapter is about to unfold.

D Health offers the following services to support organisations in the face of unprecedented change:

  • ·         The Darwin Programme: An executive level forum for the exploration of the emerging system within a diverse executive group that aims to identify new opportunities for participants.

  • ·         Darwin Intelligence: D Health monitors news feeds for evidence of the system's evolution and offers quarterly briefings  to illustrate the progression of this phenomenon in “real time”.

  • ·         Divergence Workshops: Building on the experience of hosting senior level delegations for the exploration of the emerging system, D Health offers workshops to explore the relevance and impact of the emerging system on individual organisations


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